Welcome to North Central Washington’s Integrative Health Network!  Born out of a local gathering of health care practitioners for the purpose of networking and building community, in two years we have become a group with a much larger purpose and vision.  At NCWIHN, we foster a deep-felt desire to bring the best of ALL health care options to our community.

We all love living in this beautiful and spectacular part of the country; we want to bring the opportunity for optimal health to the people of North Central Washington!  Optimal health is the primary goal of integrative medicine. It is the pursuit of the highest level of function and balance of all factors that influence health, wellness & disease.  This includes the physical, mental, spiritual and environmental aspects– representative of the whole person.

In hundreds — if not thousands — of communities all around this nation, people are gathering to discuss the great changes that are needed in our health care system.  We at NCW IHN are excited to be a part of this larger national and even international paradigm shift in how we think of health and how it is delivered.  Thank you for meeting us here, and for your support at the community level, where all great things happen!  We look forward to meeting you and hearing your ideas.


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We meet every other month on the 4th Thursday at rotating member business locations.  2016 Dates- 1-28, 3-24, 5-26, 8-30 (Summer Potluck), 9-22, and 11-17-16.